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Recovery and Reminders

The side effects of anesthesia may last up to 24 hours.  Please take proper precautions and have a caregiver available.

Your First 24 Hours at Home:

  • DO have a responsible adult stay with  you all day and all night.
  • DO rest and take naps if you are sleepy.
  • DO NOT drive a car or operate machinery of any kind, including household appliances.
  • DO NOT do anything that requires balance, judgment, or coordination.
  • DO NOT drink alcoholic beverages.
  • DO NOT make important decisions or sign legal documents.

Unless instructed otherwise by your doctor, you may resume your normal diet.  We recommend lighter, non-greasy or spicy foods to prevent nausea.

Contact your surgeon if you experience any of the following:

  • Unexpected pain
  • Bleeding
  • If unable to empty your bladder within 6 hours from your discharge time. (if applicable)
  • Temperature more than 100.5°F or rash.

If you are unable to contact your doctor, go to the nearest Emergency Room.